The 15-minute Health Break

Boost well-being with live coaching classes for professionals.
Maximize offline time in 15-minute sessions built for your team’s schedule.
Integrating breaks (they’ll actually take) just became a breeze.
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Micro-breaks have been shown to reduce stress, improve concentration, keep energy levels up, have a calming effect on individuals, and take the strain off certain parts of the body.

Easily add breaks to any schedule

Schedule whenever, participate wherever. Booked sessions appear in the calendar, and employees receive a call when class begins.

Bring the team together

Maintaining healthy company culture can be a challenge. The Health Break reunites teams at a set time for an active, engaging session.

Attend diverse classes with top coaches

Whether it's mindful breathing, desk-friendly yoga, or guided discussion — classes are stackable and coaches are flexible to your team’s unique interests.
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How the Health Break benefits

The company

  • improves productivity and wellness
  • easy-to-use solution with verified coaches
  • brings diversity and fun to company culture

The employees

  • lowers stress
  • aids clarity and focus at work
  • supports healthy new work routines

Clients that love actio Teams

Anton Rummel
CEO of Moss

Getting started is easy

"Having access to a variety of classes and leading coaches all with a few clicks has made implementing Health Breaks super easy for me."

Benjamin Porten
CEO of Naughty Nuts

Great for team spirit

“Starting our workweek together with coach Lorelle Dehnhard is very calming and motivating. The team spirit has improved notably since meditating regularly with actio Teams.”

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