Live coaching for a healthy team spirit

Creating a healthy team spirit has never been easier. Connect as a team with your own personal coach - via LIVE team sessions. Register your team and book 3 free team sessions in under 5 minutes.
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Benefits for everyone

Connect your team

In today’s workweek, where can your team connect informally and exercise together?

Ever tried Yoga @ Desk?

Our short 15-min LIVE sessions fit into every work schedule and are designed to be done both in home office and office.

80% participation rate

Having an app that calls and motivates you makes a difference. Our team sessions are beginner friendly and activate every employee.

Increased productivity

Active breaks help to improve productivity throughout the day, especially in home office with no scheduled breaks.

Higher Motivation

Showing your employees that you care about them increases motivation and overall well being.

Loyal employees and a great team spirit

A healthy company culture results in reduced turnover and improved employer branding. 

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What is actio Teams?


The perfect addition to every work-week.

Actio Teams offers your team fast and flexible access to hundreds of professional LIVE coaches. Our 15-minute LIVE sessions are designed to create a healthy team spirit and reduce stress. Whether joining from home-office or another work setting, actio Teams ensures a whole different, easy-to-use approach to the employee wellbeing.

You’re in this together!

Jointly working towards the same goal is effective and engaging, this is why our app is programmed to call and activate each and every employee to participate in a team session. Tracking each other’s progress and participation provides consistency and guarantees results, whilst creating a healthy company culture.

Training as a team can be so easy.

Whether Find Focus Meditation in the morning, Yoga@Desk at noon or After-Work-Stretch in the evening, you have the opportunity to choose from a wide range of custom-developed classes, while determining the day and time yourself. Each team member receives a call and is thus activated. Just pick up and go!

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Benefits of an accessible corporate wellness offering
Increase efficiency

Employees can significantly increase their productivity and focus through regular meditation or fitness exercises. Our professional coaches help to improve performance.

Reduce stress

Taking an active break via e.g. actio’s 15-minute Work Stress Meditation significantly reduces the stress level of employees.

What are actio customers saying?

      Corporate health management with actio Teams is easy. I just have to choose the courses and the date, everything else is done by actio Teams.
Lena Meyer
Office Manager, Berlin
      With actio Teams we have the ability strengthen both physical and mental health of our employees. The team sessions have increased our company wellness.
Henrik Weber
Head of Marketing, Hamburg
      Using actio Teams has made our team more interactive and connected. We have also recorded less absences as the employees are coping with the workload much more effectively.
Mark Schmidt
HR Manager, Berlin

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