The 15-minute Health Break

Take meaningful breaks at work with the Health Break from actio Teams. In just 15 minutes, sustainably improve the well-being of your employees and easily make healthy work breaks a habit. Certified coaches will help your team LIVE.

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Micro-breaks have been shown to reduce stress, improve concentration, keep energy levels up, have a calming effect on individuals, and take the strain off certain parts of the body.

Easily integrates into your team’s schedule

Plan your breaks as it suits your team. Booked sessions appear as scheduled appointments in every team member’s calendar. This way your team swaps cigarette breaks for Health Breaks. After the 15-minute class, employees return to work relaxed and motivated.

The perfect opportunity to bring teams together

Creating and maintaining healthy company culture can be a challenge. With actio Teams, employees are brought together for regular, short sessions. This low but consistent commitment will strengthen team spirit and improve the working atmosphere.

Experts guide you through your breaks

Whether it's de-stress meditation, desk-friendly yoga, or a full-body workout — over 100 unique coaches are ready to help your team reach their targets. Choose from over 20 different courses and reap the benefits of real classes with real coaches.
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How the Health Break benefits you

The company

  • Improves workforce well-being
  • LIVE sessions with certified coaches
  • Brings diversity and fun to company culture

The employees

  • Lowers stress
  • Aids clarity and focus through the workday
  • Supports the creation of healthy work habits

Happy clients

Anton Rummel
CEO of Moss

Getting started is easy

"Having access to a variety of classes and leading coaches all with a few clicks has made implementing Health Breaks super easy for me."

Benjamin Porten
CEO of Naughty Nuts

Great for team spirit

“Starting our workweek together with coach Lorelle Dehnhard is very calming and motivating. The team spirit has improved notably since meditating regularly with actio Teams.”

Skander Garroum
Airy Co-founder & Head of Growth

Super motivated coaches

"The drive and engagement level of actio coaches during our 15-minute health breaks is inspiring. Coach Tee Major takes care of our team members’ needs and helps us to be active, engaged and motivated every week."

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I’m Ivana, the B2B expert at actio Teams

If you’d like to learn more about how you can implement Health Breaks, you can book a meeting with me through the link below. I’m looking forward to personally getting your company set up and answering all your questions.
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