Vasiliki Karavokyri


About Me

Welcome! My name is Vasiliki. I am a yoga and dance teacher with 12 years of teaching experience. I studied in London, and I will never forget my first yoga class back then. I felt like a new bright world opened for me and that this was the beginning of a life long journey. After 4 years of studies (practice, theory and teaching technique) I was ready to share my knowledge and extend my experience. I have been teaching ever since and along the way was lucky to be able to participate in yoga retreats around the world!

Yoga is for everyone no matter the age or body size. There is no need to be flexible or having previous experiences to attend one of my classes. Every day life can be stressful and you can easily forget to satisfy your body. By practicing with me you will achieve a correct body posture, strength and flexibility. Also you will have a brighter mood, manage your stress and sleep better! Don't hesitate. Do it for yourself. Receive all the gifts that Yoga can offer! I’m looking forward to see you and feel full of wellness together. Namaste!

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