About Me

Hej, my name is Silke

and I'm looking forward to meeting you. You are exactly right here if you like to be goal-oriented and if you, like me, have a seductive urge to optimize. Oh yes, you know what I mean .... 
 Do you like to relax the "control freak" in you and further refine the balance between focus and letting go? Honestly, my very best optimization hack in 20 years is to relax. YES! You can find inspiration and learn how to evolve smartly with me. 
My sessions invite you to slow down more and get valuable momentum for your day, so you can be more creative and productive than you can imagine right now. Realize what cool things you can do the more you relax into your natural flow. 👉🏻 Is that what you want? 😜 Then come on, let's have fun! Silke Smida PS: I teach in German, but I'm sure you get the vibes easily too.

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