David Young

Personal Development

About Me

I am a performance coach, bodyworker and meditator with many years experience assisting people to find new direction and focus in life. Coaching started for me at the age of 14 with Olympic gymnastics before kicking off my career as a cultural and social entrepreneur. I went on to co-found and lead several not-for-profit organisations ranging from contemporary performing arts companies to a national charity setting up social enterprises employing people with disabilities. I also worked for many years in mental health as a pioneer of new models of psychosocial rehabilitation and sustainable employment. I am a qualified Alexander Technique teacher, avid cyclist and swimmer, and regular meditator. Meditation helps me find stability and clarity amidst sometimes complex and demanding professional and personal situations. Coaching lets me share my passion for body-mind-community awareness, and accompany people on journeys of self-transformation and change.

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