Birgit Morper


About Me

Hi, my name is Birgit. I teach yoga and meditation at Actio. Yoga has always been a tool for me to feel nourished and free. I started to practice yoga 16 years ago. I had times in which I liked it and times in which I didn’t. Looking back, I understood that it always came down to which atmosphere the teacher could create. Yoga can be full of dogma. But the power of yoga lies in showing you how to feel free, whole and empowered. I started to teach yoga by hosting yoga retreats in Wellnesshotels. It was my passion project to find a level of fulfilment I couldn’t find in my corporate job. It brought me on a path of quitting my job, moving the city and creating an essential oil business. It helped me to follow my heart as scary as it can be. Now, I am excited to practice with you.

My Classes