Yoga-Stretch by Juliane Beiten

Ideal for All
Duration 15 MIN each
Yoga-Stretch by Juliane Beiten Online Course
Boost flexibility with gravity-friendly poses and breathing techniques
Lower risk of injury
Unlock tight joints and stiff muscles
Increased flexibility and range of motion
What to expect
Yoga-blocks or books
Optional: wireless headphones
Yoga mat
What you need

"Yoga-Stretch by Juliane Beiten" Online Course Description

Unlock hip joints, stretch your hamstrings, touch your toes, and more with the uniquely challenging, Gravity Yoga. Best as a compliment to your typical exercise routine, Gravity Yoga is the starting ground for a more flexible future.

Learn to move through stiffness with a specialized breathing technique to aid a freer range of motion. Wind down your day, or round out a workout, by long-holding yoga poses that let gravity do all the work. Better prevent injury, strengthen joints, and boost mobility and sense of control over your own body through regular Gravity Yoga training. Just 15 minutes long, this brief class was designed specifically by yoga instructor, Juliane Beiten, in partnership with actio and inspired by its inventor Lucas Rockwood. Expand your feeling of resilience and grow your range of motion to feel healthier, breathe easier, and boost your confidence. Push through stiffness for a more open mind and body with this unique method, Gravity Yoga.

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