Women at Work

Ideal for All
Duration 30 MIN each
Women at Work Online Course
Problem solve & discuss work experiences with other female professionals
Validate feelings with women who relate
Find support on work-related concerns
Feel empowered at work
What to expect
Pen and Paper
Optional: wireless headphones
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"Women at Work" Online Course Description

Empower yourself by sharing your experiences and struggles in open discussion with fellow female professionals in Women at Work. Explore your feelings and share wisdom in a supportive environment moderated by a live coach. As a group, discuss unique obstacles many women encounter in their professional lives and what can be done to ease difficulty.

Improving confidence, feeling validated, or finding the work-life balance unicorn are all-too-common concerns of working people — women in particular. Whatever the ongoing challenge, this class serves as a safe space to explore solutions and find comfort in shared life experiences. Open with a real story shared by your coach as a way to set the mood and open the discussion. Next, you’ll take time for a self-assessment where you’ll explore your individual reasons for attending and begin working through potential solutions. Ask yourself what your greatest challenge is and take time to consider what you’ve done to fix the problem. What worked, what didn’t, and what do you feel you could still use advice on? Once prepared, the class will open again to group discussion where you can explain your process, an instance of difficulty, or ask for support from others who relate or have overcome something similar. Leave the class feeling heard, validated, and supercharged to affect change in your workplace. As is already clear: women are stronger together than separate. Rediscover your power and potential in Women at Work. Note: This class is a safe space for respectful and open discourse on work issues that affect many women.

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