Personal Development

Wake-Up Call

Ideal for All
Duration 15 MIN each
Defeat the snooze button and wake up at a comfortable pace
Energize your body
Enjoy mornings again
Learn to wake up with ease
What to expect
optional: wireless headphones
What you need


Defeat the snooze button once and for all with a custom-built cure for the non-morning person: the actio Wake-Up Call. Gone are the days of peeling yourself out of bed or oversleeping. Learn to wake up mindfully and more refreshed with gentle musical activation and motivational coaching personalized to your needs. With Wake-Up Call, awaken the body and mind at a pace that’s comfortable for you. Your personal Wake-Up Call begins softly while you’re still in bed. Quietly focus on the senses and your breath while giving yourself the time you need to open your eyes. There is no rush and no pressure as your coach guides you to an initial state of awareness. Activate your body ever-so-slowly, beginning with small movements of the fingers and toes then open the body with sitting stretches and easy movements. As you’re comfortable, you’ll be led from sitting up to finally stretching your way to a standing position. When ready, consider your upcoming day and what awaits you. Without getting ahead of yourself, remember that you’re in control of your perspective, despite how you slept or events in your personal life. End your class with standing stretches, having successfully gotten out of bed and into the right headspace to make mornings enjoyable again.

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