Uncertainty Meditation

Ideal for Intermediate
Duration of the class: 15 minutes
Uncertainty Meditation Online Course

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"Uncertainty Meditation" Online Course Description

Feelings of unease or increased anxiousness toward daily situations can be an emotional response to stressors. In Uncertainty Meditation you’ll take the time to deconstruct what’s causing worry and how you can return a sense of control over your week.

In this class you’ll explore the causes of your stress and acknowledge that this is a difficult time for everyone. As you explore potential solutions, you’ll learn that you’re not alone and feeling a bit “off” is not something to panic about. Feeling better is possible. Try imagining a version of yourself that has moved past negative emotions surrounding instability in isolation. Uncertainty Meditation can help you plot the path back to that peaceful version of yourself and senses of joy and contentment. Through breathing exercises, thought exploration, and tension release techniques, you’ll learn to better cope with instability. The nature of life is ever-changing, but you’ll create an emotional safety net so you’re better able to process and respond to what comes at you. Chaos outside no longer needs to impact your internal weather.
Regain emotional control
Explore stress-coping strategies
Find serenity
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