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Succeed Financially

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Duration 15 MIN each
Succeed Financially Online Course
Transform the way you look at money and manifest your financial dreams
Overcome investment hesitancy
Understand your buying tendencies
Create positive spending habits
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"Succeed Financially" Online Course Description

I’m Christine — a Business & Life Coach. For years I’ve been coaching people in creating their happiest and most successful lives.

When it comes to money, many feel a reluctance to take the steps needed to boost financial success. This can hold us back from meeting material goals and living up to our greatest potential. If you want to fulfill your material wishes and dreams, you’ll need to make sure to have your ‘money mindset’ aligned! In this class, you’ll find out what attitudes or beliefs are holding you back from fulfilling your dreams. You will learn to transform limiting beliefs into a positive, empowering attitude. Through visualization, live coaching, self-reflection, and the opportunity to receive support on your situation, you will leave the class feeling empowered and enthusiastic about sorting your finances. Create the financial wealth you deserve to meet your financial goals today.

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