Strong Back Yoga

Ideal for Intermediate
Duration 15 MIN each
Strengthen back muscles or deconstruct pain points
Lessen effects of over-sitting
Improve posture
Reduce back pain
What to expect
optional: wireless headphones
Yoga mat
What you need


Whether you spend a little too much time sitting hunched over at the computer, or just want to build back muscle, Strong Back Yoga will help you feel steadier and sit up straighter. Improved posture, stronger back musculature, and a boost in energy, are just some of the benefits consistent back exercise can bring. By alternating phases of tension and relaxation, you’ll build spinal mobility and strength — minimizing your risk of injury in the future. In Strong Back Yoga you’ll be guided through strength exercises that begin with the back, but will positively impact your entire body. To do this, you’ll start with movements that activate your core and strengthen your waist and backside muscles. After that you’ll inch up the spine, focusing on individual points. Informed by expert insights, you'll start to strengthen a critically important part of the body. With practice, you’ll feel less soreness and have more energy to seize the day.

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