Step Outside

Ideal for All
Duration 15 MIN each
Make your office break count and de-stress with light outdoor exercise
Refresh outdoors
Exercise mindfully
Activate Body & Mind
What to expect
no sportswear needed!
Wireless Headphones
optional: sunglasses
What you need


Maximize your lunch break with a quick, outdoor workout in Step Outside. Get moving, take in the fresh air, and stay alert through a simple series of exercises geared toward refreshing and recentering. There’s no need for sportswear, simply step out onto your balcony or head to your local park. Start your class with a gentle mindfulness practice to help you feel more present in the moment and increase awareness of your surroundings. Standing movements, like overhead stretches, squats, and flow movements are a great way to increase blood flow and reset the body and mind midday. Lower your blood pressure, de-stress, and enjoy a little sunshine as you quiet the mind and support the body. Being active over lunchtime can stimulate inspiration and help your brain replenish for greater focus through the afternoon slump. Step Outside will get you back into the fresh air and guide you through light exercise to keep your muscles warm and help you motor through stress. Get your vitamin D fix and manage stress for more effective afternoons. Enjoy your lunch breaks the way they deserve to be enjoyed — sunny and satisfying.

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