Personal Development

Spice Up Your Relationship

Ideal for All
Duration 30 MIN each
Return the spark to your relationship with a judgment-free deep dive
Generate achievable solutions
Raise self-awareness
Refresh your relationship
What to expect
Pen and Paper
optional: wireless headphones
What you need


If you find the romantic spark in your relationship dimming, or feel unsure how to move the relationship forward, Spice Up Your Relationship can provide guidance. In this highly unique 30-minute class, you and your partner are welcome to join together in a group exploration led by a life coach. After gaining insight into the class and your coach’s expertise, you’ll begin with a private self check-in. With pen and paper, you’ll rate on a scale of 1–10 how satisfied you are in your relationship(s). Your coach will help you expand your thinking and look for solutions by asking questions like: “What can you do to change the situation?” or “What have you tried already?”, or “Did it work, why or why not?” Spice Up Your Relationship is a judgment-free zone for you to deep dive into your relationship’s intricacies. As you consider the details of your relationship(s), feel free to write your feelings, share experiences, or ask for support from the group. If you have questions for your coach, you can pose them as you feel comfortable. Bring your session to a close by setting an approachable goal for yourself. What might progress look like for your relationship? And how can you influence that today? Leave your class with a sense of relief knowing that you’re not alone and it’s normal to experience highs and lows in relationships. Return at any time for a progress check-in or to speak with like-minded people. Commit to action and return a sense of calm and control over the direction of your romantic life with Spice Up Your Relationship. Note: This class welcomes all romantic unions, and is not a substitute for couples therapy.

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