Personal Development

Self-Awareness Development

Ideal for All
Duration 15 MIN each
Self-Awareness Development Online Course
Get to know yourself better and become the best version of yourself
Acknowledge strengths
Adapt to change and grow
Improve the connection to self
What to expect
Optional: wireless headphones
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"Self-Awareness Development" Online Course Description

My name is Evi and I am a firm believer that to have a positive impact on our surroundings and do our best, we must be self-aware and continuously work on ourselves.

In this class, we’ll focus on looking mindfully inward and reflect on our strengths, our weaknesses, and our self-love. Each session will begin with a specific concept that we will use as the base for our session. During our time together I will guide you through the topic while you take a moment to focus, reflect, breathe, and better get to know yourself. We will listen to our self-affirmations, how others and their energy impacts us, what energy we’re giving out into the world, and explore whether we take things too personally. Or, on the contrary, do we find we often blame others? Is something stealing our peace? Are we putting our best selves forward? And so much more.

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