Return to Running

Ideal for Intermediate
Duration 20 MIN each
Return to Running Online Course
Grow your body’s power with interval running for beginners
Improve heart health
Return fun to running
Increase stamina
What to expect
Running clothes
Headphones or Speakers
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"Return to Running" Online Course Description

If you miss the wind in your hair and the high of a good run but doubt your stamina, Return to Running is just the starting line for you.

Dust off your trainers and lace up for an easy interval training outside. In this live class you’re encouraged to get outside to a park or local spot where you’ll run in varied intensities over 20 minutes. Ideal for beginners, or runners looking for an approachable run they can tuck into their schedule, Return to Running will get you moving and motivated. Before beginning class warm up with easy leg stretches or a good walk. Your coach will explain to you first that class is composed of 8 sets of 2 minute runs. You’ll begin in a 45-second increased speed before slowing to a 75-second jog to recover. As you move through the class, your coach will drive you to give it all you’ve got and push through each interval sprint. Come to a cool down after a strong run and walk off the chest-thumping breathlessness. Feel the energy coursing through you as your heartbeat slows, having pushed your body to a familiar old cardio high. Pat yourself on the back for your hard work before stretching out your muscles in a series of stretches led by your coach. Walk home with your head held high knowing you’ve awakened your body’s potential again in Return to Running.

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