Rethink Drinking

Ideal for All
Duration 15 MIN each
Rethink Drinking Online Course
Challenge drinking habits through group support and self-reflection
Find motivation with group support
Discuss feelings & unmet needs
Reassess limiting beliefs
What to expect
Optional: wireless headphones
Pen and Paper
What you need

"Rethink Drinking" Online Course Description

Drinking has been on the rise amid the Corona pandemic — having a real impact on the health and well-being of many. This could be something you’re experiencing personally, but it doesn’t need to be something you experience alone. If you’re drinking more than you like and you want to curb your drinking or take a break, the Rethink Drinking class is the first step in judgment-free support.

Guided by experienced coaches, you’ll join a like-minded group in understanding your respective drinking habits and why you turn to alcohol. Whatever your motivations, Rethink Drinking exists to give you insight into the “why” of your drinking. This class can support you in your journey to cut back, take a break, or quit if that’s your goal. As a self-coaching class, Rethink Drinking gives you the necessary tools and support to improve your relationship with drinking. Follow guided self-reflection exercises and explore your reasons for drinking as you create small, but achievable goals for yourself. By improving your self-awareness, you’ll put yourself in the best position to reach progress and regain the keys to control. Through guided group discussion you’ll get the chance to share your experiences and feelings with real people who relate. Bring the class to an end by setting a tangible action you can do (starting right now!) to reach your ultimate goal. In Rethink Drinking, you’ll find a community that welcomes your experiences and strengthens your motivation to reach the change you want to see in your life. Note: this class welcomes all, but is not a substitute for one-on-one therapy or addiction counseling.

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