Resistance Band Workout

Ideal for Intermediate
Duration 30 MIN each
Resistance Band Workout Online Course
Build strength and improve muscle control with resistance band training
Develop a mind-muscle connection
Improved technique
Stronger, better defined muscles
What to expect
Mini Bands
optional: yoga mat
Optional: wireless headphones
What you need

"Resistance Band Workout" Online Course Description

My name is Anna K. I’m a Functional and Strength Fitness Coach and I’m going to help you bring your home workout routine to the next level with Resistance Band Workout! In this full-body routine, we will focus on building strength, mind-muscle connection, and improving the overall quality of exercise performance by using resistance bands.

In this full-body workout, we will boost your technique, build strength, improve muscle definition, and grow your mind-muscle connection. We will use different training techniques, such as muscle activation, balance, and stability work, with variations of leg kicks, glute bridges, squats, single-leg deadlifts, crab walks, bicep curls, rowing, overhead presses, and more. This workout is great for all fitness levels, safe, and easy to follow. Level up your training routine with the Resistance Band Workout.

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