Power & Strength Yoga (ext.)

Ideal for Advanced
Duration 30 MIN each
Power & Strength Yoga (ext.) Online Course
Bring more heat to your practice in this higher intensity class
Challenge body & mind
Improve strength
Burn calories
What to expect
Yoga mat
Optional: wireless headphones
Bottle of water
What you need

"Power & Strength Yoga (ext.)" Online Course Description

If you want to kick your yoga practice up a notch, you’re in the right place with Power & Strength Yoga 30 min. Effortlessly combine the serenity of yoga with the intensity of a fitness class to get the best possible results. In this class you’ll grow your practice through strength-building exercises worked into standard yoga flows and poses.

Empower your body and mind through fast-paced exercises that push you further and leave you with a strong feeling of accomplishment. Feel the burn as you’re led through poses like bridge, lotus, chair and abdominal exercises. Lighten up the heat with yoga flows, mindful breathing, and stretches to increase blood circulation for a more effective session. Get a mental and physical workout in the highly effective Power & Strength Yoga, now extended to 30 minutes for even more personal growth. Return balance to your body and mind in this intensive yoga practice.

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