Power & Strength Yoga

Ideal for Beginners
Duration 15 MIN each
Power & Strength Yoga Online Course
Enjoy the serenity of yoga and the power of fitness!
High calorie burn
Strength building
Improve flexibility
What to expect
Yoga mat
Optional: wireless headphones
What you need

"Power & Strength Yoga" Online Course Description

Are you looking for the serenity of yoga but the power of fitness? Are you convinced of the power of stretching but you never take the time to do so? If this is the case, we have the perfect class for you! This rigorous workout can be done at any age and level.

Power & Strength is a fitness-based approach to classic yoga classes and consists of a series of poses done in sequence. Many modern fitness moves such as the plank actually originate from yoga. Your coach creates physically challenging but always achievable sequences for you to - sometimes literally - keep you on your toes. Your coach moves along with you at all times but s/he is dedicated to give you enough verbal guidance for you to practise only by listening. Joining our Power & Strength class on a regular basis will enhance your flexibility, posture and mental focus. The class also serves the purpose of relieving tension and releasing toxins through sweat. Your body cannot wait for you to take actio!

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