Postnatal Yoga

Ideal for Intermediate
Duration 30 MIN each
Postnatal Yoga Online Course
Help your body enter post-pregnancy with personalized yoga
Strengthen the pelvic floor
Tone muscles & flatten belly
Relax & improve well-being
What to expect
Yoga-blocks or books
Yoga mat
Optional: wireless headphones
What you need

"Postnatal Yoga" Online Course Description

Nurture your body in the postnatal period, and enjoy a relaxing and effective reentry to exercise in Postnatal Yoga. Baby is welcome to join in this 30-minute class made for moms 8 weeks postpartum and onward. Tone muscles, increase mobility and take the well-earned time to relax in a class with other recent mothers.

Gift yourself the time to care for your body and focus on yourself as you improve strength, work your pelvic floor and reduce tightness across the body. No need to be a yogi to follow along, with classic (and safe) poses like, mountain, cat-cow, warrior, and downward-facing dog. This full-body yoga class is a supportive first step to returning the body to a state of non-pregnancy. In this class, you’ll start simply with deep breathing and stretching before moving into poses that target the core and lower back muscles to aid belly regression. Once warmed up you’ll turn your attention to gentle pelvic floor training before a cool down. Postnatal Yoga is a compassionate practice in returning new mothers to their pre-pregnancy bodies. With consistent practice, you may notice yourself become stronger and through mindful movements, develop higher resistance to stress. Take this time to enjoy and improve well-being — a happy mommy makes for a happy baby, too.

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