Ideal for Intermediate
Duration 15 MIN each
Pilates Online Course
Strengthen your body and build greater core muscle control
Strengthen core muscles
Improve body alignment
Grow sense of control
What to expect
Yoga mat
Optional: wireless headphones
What you need

"Pilates" Online Course Description

Switch up your fitness routine of reps and intervals, and try something new with Pilates. This full body workout targets your core and builds stronger muscle control. It’s also a great place for releasing built-up stress.

Some benefits include increased strength, and improved posture and flexibility. This can even extend to mood, confidence, and a better awareness of body control. Get to know the practice of Pilates through core principles such as: alignment, concentration, breathing, and precision. You’ll start the class by warming up the spine and joints, followed by a body awareness exercise. Next your coach will lead you through classic Pilates exercises like roll-ups and single leg stretches. With special attention paid to problem areas or weak spots you’ll safely build core strength and improve muscle tone. A Pilates session will help you feel your strongest so you can battle the week with ease.

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