Peace at Home

Ideal for All
Duration 15 MIN each
Peace at Home Online Course
Return peace to your home by learning to handle conflict constructively
Better understand your behaviors
Improve style of communication
Problem solve with people who relate
What to expect
Pen and Paper
Optional: wireless headphones
What you need

"Peace at Home" Online Course Description

Return peace to the four walls you call home with Peace at Home. Spending long periods of time inside around loved ones or roommates can lead to conflict. It’s only human to become tired of sharing your space with the same people or argue over little things. But how do you cool down a situation that’s spinning out of your control?

The Peace at Home class is the perfect space to find ways to manage tensions through better self-control and communication. In this guided self-coaching class you will be given the tools to break down what makes your situation unique. You’ll also explore what has the largest impact on you, and what can be done to ensure that cooler heads prevail. Through group discussion, you’ll have the right platform for sharing how you’re feeling with like-minded people in potentially similar situations. In this class, you’ll consider your own feelings and those of your partner(s) or roommates as you search for calm and constructive interactions at home. Get inspired by others and end the class with added perspective and concrete actions you can take to improve communication in your living situation. Above all, learn in this class that you’re not alone, you have support, and there are solutions to any problem — big or small. Note: this class is not a substitute for therapy.

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