Overcome Limiting Beliefs

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Duration 30 MIN each
Overcome Limiting Beliefs Online Course
Learn to believe in yourself again by shifting thought patterns
Change your mindset
Challenge your beliefs
Create new patterns of thinking
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"Overcome Limiting Beliefs" Online Course Description

I‘m Lorelle, Meditation and Life Coach. Through my years of working with clients, I encountered numerous people who were highly motivated to achieve something but had trouble bringing it to life. That’s when I noticed that negative internal monologues, beliefs, or feelings about ourselves can prevent personal achievements. “I can‘t” or “I’m not good enough” are common mindsets a lot of us are holding without being aware of it.

During this session, you’ll become aware of and change your limiting mindset. With a series of exercises, including meditation, repetitive programming, and questioning you will uncover and shift in your mindset for the better. At the end of Mindset Reset, you will feel relieved, more positive, and confident that you can achieve your goals.

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