Office Mobility

Ideal for Intermediate
Duration 15 MIN each
Office Mobility Online Course
Overcome the afternoon slump with some easy-to-digest exercise
Better digestion for greater focus
Make the most of afternoons
Strengthen & improve posture
What to expect
No sportswear needed!
Office chair
Optional: wireless headphones
What you need

"Office Mobility" Online Course Description

Beat the afternoon slump and recharge batteries at home or in the workplace with After-Lunch Mobility. If caffeine is your best motivator after the lunch break, or you struggle to maintain focus in the later working hours, After-Lunch Mobility will get you up and running again.

To maximize productivity, it’s important to give your mind (and body) breaks through the day. Your eyes, all the way down to your back and toes can easily become fatigued from long periods of time sitting and staring at the computer. In this class, you’ll do light exercises like neck circles, chest stretches, and leg and arm circles to get the blood flowing and energy levels back up. A bit of movement midday can help with concentration, a sense of positivity, and even improving well-being and posture. Don’t let a full belly get in the way. Keep your day moving by setting aside 15 minutes for stretching and light exercise. Your body will better cope with time at the desk, and you’ll have a clearer mind so you sail through the rest of your tasks.

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