Negotiate Like a Master

Ideal for All
Duration 15 MIN each
Negotiate Like a Master Online Course
Prepare to negotiate effectively and with confidence
Improve negotiation skills
Reduce stress during negotiation
Boost self-confidence
What to expect
Optional: wireless headphones
Pen and Paper
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"Negotiate Like a Master" Online Course Description

Negotiation is a natural part of daily life. Asking for a pay raise, mediating with children, or negotiating with a big client are just some examples. Maybe the thought of standing up for your wants and needs feels intimidating, anxiety-inducing, or it’s something you avoid altogether. The 15-minute Negotiate Like a Master class is just the place to grow your skills for an upcoming debate and return confidence in your ability to advocate for yourself.

In the words of a former FBI hostage negotiator “Great negotiation is about great collaboration.” While you’re not likely to deal with dangerous, high stakes situations — your coach can still help you approach day-to-day negotiations with power and confidence. In this class you’ll consider a real situation and its possible outcomes, what you’re willing to compromise on, and establish a framework to help every player have their needs met. Whatever the negotiation, through real case examples and professional expertise, you’ll learn that negotiations aren’t about arguing for a side — they’re about human interaction. Leave the class with a concrete plan and clear sense of what to do no matter the direction discussion takes. Negotiate Like a Master will prime you for successful negotiations and serve as a training ground until your next head-to-head. Feeling confident?

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