Morning Mobility

Ideal for Intermediate
Duration 15 MIN each
Awaken and vitalise your body before breakfast!
Improve motivation
Wake up energized
Align body & mind
What to expect
optional: wireless headphones
optional: yoga mat
What you need


You have no time to hit it to the gym in the morning? Your life is complicated enough? Let's get back to basics! Plus, no fancy gym clothes needed here! Let the "Morning Mobility" class become your wake-up ritual! You probably know most of the exercises performed in this class. What you don't know yet is how easier it is to get them done with the support of our coaches and community! Together with your coach and dozens of participants, you repeat a simple set of movements (e.g., lunges, sit-ups) in the beginning of each session. Once you've memorized the movements, your coach turns his video off so you can fully focus on yourself and "feel" how grateful your body and muscles are to get moving. The ""Morning Mobility"" class will help you regain an overall well-balanced feeling every morning. Book a session to start your day right. Then, repeat regularly and you will notice why classic fitness is still around. It just works. Nothing complicated, just a whole lot of fun and rewards!

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