Money Meditation

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Duration 20 MIN each
Money Meditation Online Course
Create awareness of subconscious or limiting beliefs
Learn to take responsibility
Create awareness
Let go of negative mindsets
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Optional: wireless headphones
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"Money Meditation" Online Course Description

Hi, my name is Mia and I'm an Embodiment Teacher & Energy Channel

Are you struggling to develop a healthy relationship with money? In this body-based meditation, I want to help you find a healthier attitude towards money and give you the practical tools to let go of negative energy surrounding this taboo topic. We will begin by focusing our attention entirely on the breath and the emotional state in the moment. Then I will guide you to connect with the energy of money — both mentally and physically. Observe which sensations are triggered in you by the feeling or simple thoughts of money. Become aware of negative thought patterns, and learn to let go of them. Leave the course with an open mind, serenity, and greater self-confidence when dealing with money topics.

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