Mindfulness for Kids

Ideal for All
Duration 15 MIN each
Mindfulness for Kids Online Course
Practice resilience in this introduction to mindfulness for children 6+
Practice gratitude at any age
Help children enjoy the present
Encourage kids to self-assess
What to expect
Optional: wireless headphones
Pen and Paper
What you need

"Mindfulness for Kids" Online Course Description

Share the powerful practice of gratitude and positive self-awareness with your children in a class made just for them — Mindfulness for Kids. This 15-minute live class was created specifically for the needs of children 6 and up as a means to generate more positive thinking, improved self-control, and resilience.

Class kick starts with a real call, so little ones know when to start. Children and their guardians are encouraged to sit in on a calming session of mindful thinking and internal exploration. Mindfulness for Kids opens with basic breathing exercises to calm the mind and center the body. The coach will guide users to then think about warm moments in the last week, or occasions where children showed kindness toward others. The coach will provide examples such as: when a child helped a friend or family member, cleaned their room, or played a particularly fun game that made them laugh. By exploring positivity and kindness, your child carries that joy through to the present moment and beyond. Children will be encouraged to think about how these exchanges made them feel. If they’ve had a tough week, they’re also encouraged to explore those feelings. While it can be hard to sit with boredom, sadness, or frustration — with guidance and coach support children practice resilience. To bring diversity to the class and hold engagement, children will be invited to draw or write thoughts on paper as they listen along. Mindfulness for Kids comes to a gentle close with a return to learned breathing techniques and the Praise Phase where kids can choose their favorite emoji to celebrate all their hard work and focus. Children 6+ are welcome any time to practice self-awareness and learn to sit with their emotions for greater balance in their daily routine. Disclaimer: Safety is our priority which is why microphones are muted, your child’s camera remains off the entire duration, and parents should be present to assist and monitor.

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