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Duration of the class: 15 minutes
Mentally Prepare for Success Online Course

"Mentally Prepare for Success" Online Course Description

Maybe it’s a competition, an important interview, or future performance. Whatever the event, you just can’t shake the nervousness. If intrusive thoughts of self-doubt creep in, Mentally Prepare for Success can help.

In this class, you’ll be led through a visualization exercise where you’ll imagine yourself on the big day. A standard practice for athletes at the top of their game, you’ll place yourself in the time and space of the big event. Observe your feelings, and what the event looks and sounds like when you’re performing at your best. How many people are present, what is the mood? Your coach will guide you through the full experience of the moment as you explore your behavior and what obstacles you may encounter. Through this mental rehearsal, you’ll build up confidence and establish a deeper sense of calm and awareness surrounding an upcoming performance. When considering obstacles, you prepare yourself for various scenarios and leave the class feeling ready for anything. Get into the headspace of a person succeeding no matter what in Mentally Prepare for Success.
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Explore obstacles to strong performance
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