Let Go of Cravings

Ideal for Intermediate
Duration 15 MIN each
Learn to overcome your cravings. You're the boss of your mind!
Discover hidden triggers
Better control temptations
Find emotional links
What to expect
optional: wireless headphones
What you need


Try to score some cookies or anything else sweet in the back of your cupboards at night? The anti-smoke campaign made you put out your cigarette, but you lit up another one ten minutes later, and it still felt fantastic? Most addictions have very little physical overcoming to do, the real question is where your feelings of cravings actually stem from. Our "Let Go of Cravings" meditation is created for you to go deep into your basic instincts and emotions to learn what emotions really trigger your cravings. What kind of control are you seeking by acting out on your inner wishes? Your coach commences by giving you a bit of background to the goal and background of the sessions, before entering the focus phase. Here, the coach turns her/his video off and you are invited to close your eyes and focus on the coach's guiding voice. Cravings are completely human, but through this meditation practise you gain control over them by learning why and where they come from.

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