Interval Run Training

Ideal for Advanced
Duration 22 MIN each
Interval Run Training Online Course
Meet your need for speed in a high-intensity interval run outside
Better heart health
Increase V02 max
Faster run times
What to expect
Running clothes
Headphones or Speakers
What you need

"Interval Run Training" Online Course Description

Blow off some steam and get that heart pumping in Interval Run Training. Build stamina, improve speed, or just get some good, fresh air in an interval run that will leave you breathless.

Before beginning, take time to stretch and warm your muscles at your favorite local running spot. Your coach will start by checking in and setting expectations for the interval run. In the main phase of the class, they’ll run alongside you, motivating you every step of the way. In Interval Run Training you’ll drive your body through sets of interval runs. Push yourself through 90 seconds at a very high pace and recover with 90 seconds of jogging or walking, doing six sets of this over 18 minutes. While you’re sure to be tired, this 22-minute class can have positive long-term benefits on your lung capacity, heart muscles, and breathing endurance. Close out your run with a guided cool down and some easy stretching to maximize the benefits of your workout. Grow your passion for running and improve your skills with a motivational coach encouraging you along the way. Fulfill your need for speed and return for more, to keep improving with Interval Run Training.

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