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Improve Your Parenting

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Duration 30 MIN each
Improve Your Parenting Online Course
Simple, efficient approaches to boosting the parent-child relationship
Get kids to listen without nagging or losing control
Learn to avoid typical parenting errors
Improve the relationship with your children
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"Improve Your Parenting" Online Course Description

I am a certified coach, facilitator and trainer and I am passionate about improving the relationship and the communication between parents and children of all ages. I have been accompanying parents since 2019, having successfully transformed my own relationship with my two kids. I have tried and tested numerous approaches and selected what works best for my parental coaching. In this class, you will learn how to deal with difficult situations. Some may include — influencing your child’s behavior without punishment, encouraging cooperation and autonomy of your child, learning about the power of compliments, expressing irritation without hurting your child, and solving family conflicts in a calm atmosphere. My class begins with an introduction to the topic and a recap of previous sessions with experience sharing. The session usually starts with a role-play exercise that improves awareness. Next, I’ll share best approaches including concrete examples that can be directly used in day-to-day situations. Before closing the session, I’ll share with you a few task suggestions to do between sessions. You will leave the session having a better understanding of your unique situation, and have new, concrete tools to empathically deal with family obstacles.

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