Improve Productivity

Ideal for All
Duration 15 MIN each
Overcome distractions and find tools to improve sense of accomplishment
Reduce procrastination
Discover cause of distraction
Improve sense of accomplishment
What to expect
optional: wireless headphones
Pen and Paper
What you need


In a sea of distractions and overthinking — procrastination, demotivation, or feeling overwhelmed can often interfere with personal plans or professional deadlines. The Improve Productivity class can boost your capacity, sense of accomplishment, and yes, productivity. Life is short, why not get the most out of it? If you struggle to accomplish tasks or finish what you start, Improve Productivity will help you identify causes and seek out solutions to feel more capable. Maybe you struggle with poor time management, or an inability to say no. Whatever the reason, there are solutions to improving your working habits. Begin with a bit of self-reflection. How satisfied are you with your productivity recently, on a scale of 1–10? What do you feel prevents you from completing your to-do list? This could be your tendency to multitask, a desire for perfection, or preferring some activities over others. Once you’ve identified the obstacle it becomes easy to find long-term solutions and little actions you can take right now. Bring your class to crescendo by connecting to your inner resources and remembering where you excel. When does productivity come easily to you? When are you most effective and how does it feel? At the end of the class, you can share experiences with the group as you explore ways to move forward that will help your unique situation. It’s easy (and understandable) to feel overwhelmed, and Improve Productivity will help you break down difficulties into manageable problems that do have solutions.

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