Hypnosis To Release Stress

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Duration 15 MIN each
Hypnosis To Release Stress Online Course
Return focus and reduce stress with hypnotic deep relaxation
Release tension
Find fresh energy
Find a fresh perspective
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Optional: wireless headphones
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"Hypnosis To Release Stress" Online Course Description

My name is Michael Hühn and I hold a degree in psychology and clinical hypnotherapy. Discover with me the power of hypnosis, and learn to let go of stress.

I’ll start this 15-minute class with breathing and focusing exercises that will gently guide you into a state of hypnotic trance. Hypnotic suggestions and metaphors are used for targeted stress reduction and can enable you to find new constructive perspectives in difficult situations, such as work. At the end of the class I will gently guide you out of the trance and help you reorient yourself. Find focus and let go of stress in Stress Release Hypnosis.

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