Hip Hop Vinyasa

Ideal for All
Duration 15 MIN each
Hip Hop Vinyasa Online Course
Improve endurance in this fast-paced practice set to hip hop music
Build strength
Bring cardio to yoga
Yoga with Hip Hop
What to expect
Headphones or Speakers
Yoga mat
What you need

"Hip Hop Vinyasa" Online Course Description

Spice up your yoga practice and get into the flow in this class designed for music lovers and yogis alike — Hip Hop Vinyasa.

Feel the rhythm and beat in this 15-minute class, as you’re guided through asana flows timed to a hip hop soundtrack. Improve flexibility, drive your energy up, and build endurance through fast-paced flows. Boost your practice by adding rhythm and activating your cardiovascular system through quick-succession poses. Feel the burn and improve strength and endurance in this full body workout with a twist. Your coach will guide you through this dynamic practice so you’ll follow along and feel like you’re dancing. Grab your mat and get fired up in the uniquely fast-paced, Hip Hop Vinyasa.

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