Hatha Yoga

Ideal for All
Duration 30 MIN each
Enjoy the conscious, meditative pace of this traditional yoga practice
Original, meditative yoga
Improve flexibility
Strengthen the mind muscles
What to expect
Yoga mat
optional: wireless headphones
Yoga-blocks or books
What you need


Take a beat and slow down your yoga practice with traditional and gentle, Hatha Yoga. Ideal for beginners or those looking to return focus to stretching and breathing, hatha is a great starting point to more rigorous yoga practices. In this 30-minute class, you’ll start slow with a breathing exercise, then you’ll be guided through a series of poses that could include: mountain, tree, locust, and downward-facing dog. This transformative practice when done consistently can boost quality of sleep, lower depression, and improve stress management. By holding poses longer than other yoga styles you’ll build muscle and improve balance and flexibility for greater ease as you grow your practice. Whether changing up your routine or improving your breathing techniques and flexibility, Hatha Yoga never disappoints. End your class with a greater sense of calm and return to your day refreshed and recharged. Enjoy an earned sense of peace when you bring the best of yoga and meditation together for a healthier morning, noon, or night.

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