Happiness Meditation

Ideal for Intermediate
Duration 15 MIN each
Your introduction to manifestation of love & care for yourself!
Improve gratitude
Deepen self-assurance
Increase positive emotions
What to expect
optional: wireless headphones
What you need


Throughout the day, there are plenty of things you might wish for, from your morning coffee to your lunch break or family dinner. However, your wishful thinking might often be fleeting, short-lived or interrupted. This meditation class, inspired by the classic "loving-kindness" exercise, is your first introduction to manifestation. It will help you see and feel "extraordinary things in the ordinary". After a few minutes of live video introduction, your coach turns his/her camera off and takes you by the hand to repeat a string of sentences such as "May I be peaceful,” “May I be happy,” or “May I be safe". These simple repetitions allow you to manifest love, kindness, care, empathy and sympathy towards yourself and others. With regular practice of our "Care & Love" meditation exercises, you will experience a rise of positive emotions, such as joy, gratitude, contentment, hope and love in your life.

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