Full Body Yoga

Ideal for Beginners
Duration 30 MIN each
Stretch body and mind and advance your practice in this 30-minute flow
Improve body awareness
Increase mobility & balance
deepen mind & body connection
What to expect
optional: wireless headphones
Yoga mat
Bottle of water
What you need


Full Body Yoga is the best way to energize the body and settle the mind for experienced enthusiasts who like a yoga challenge. Perfect for morning, noon, or night. In this 30-minute class, you’ll mobilize and warm the body up from the crown to tiptoes. You’ll get into the flow with simple stretching and easy poses to loosen joints, warm muscles, and begin to find focus. Followed, you’ll deepen into your session with a series of poses that could include: Locust, Warrior, Bow, Boat, and plenty more. Speak with your coach about areas you’d like to target as you improve body awareness and increase stability. In just a half hour, you’ll help your body strengthen and work toward preventing muscle tightness and stiffness. Elevate your practice with a class that consistently challenges your strength and mobility, pushing you to ever-more challenging balances, poses, and flows. Explore your body’s power and grace for a more centered rest of the day.

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