Personal Development

Emotional empowerment

Ideal for All
Duration 30 MIN each
Emotional empowerment Online Course
Better navigate your emotions by finding greater self-confidence
Identify and heal from old wounds
Learn to create your own reality
Feel more confident and capable
What to expect
Pen and Paper
optional: wireless headphones
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"Emotional empowerment" Online Course Description

My name is Anett and I’m an Empowerment & Transformational Coach. In this class you’ll learn how to move from feeling disempowered, to taking charge of your life through a shift in emotion. Together, we’ll learn how to feel, deal with, and transform disempowering emotions such as shame, guilt, victimhood, fear, grief, or anger — and instead move toward courage, confidence, unconditional self-love and inner peace. Class will begin with an overview about different emotional states and their level of self-empowerment. Next, we will witness, feel for, and find ways to transform low vibrational energy, like denser emotions, into uplifting emotions. We will end with homework exercises to deepen the transformation process, allowing you to learn from class and best prepare for a return.

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