Core Workout

Ideal for Beginners
Duration 15 MIN each
Ignite your abdominals in this high-intensity burn
Improve stability
Build a belly you love
Boost daily energy
What to expect
optional: wireless headphones
Yoga mat
What you need


Fire up your abdominals and build core muscle strength that will energize your whole body. 15 minutes are just enough for a strong burn and a confidence boost that’s hard-earned. Quick and high-intensity, the Core Workout class challenges the straight, lateral, and diagonal abdominals. (So you don’t miss a spot!) Core Workout is tough, but your hard work will pay off in a big way. Consistent exercise can help stabilize your lower back, increase balance, and even support ease with running. After you’re warmed up, you can expect to dive into crunches, roll-ups, jackknives, and other deep exercises. A number of the exercises target additional muscle groups like the lower back and legs. This cross-effect gives your body the most effective boost in strength, leaving you with more energy. Sweat your way to the finish line for higher energy and a greater sense of control. As they say: no pain no gain.

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