Combat Procrastination

Ideal for All
Duration 15 MIN each
Combat Procrastination Online Course
Defeat your inner procrastinator and find the best way to meet deadlines
Explore how you work best
Improve productivity
Complete tasks stress-free
What to expect
Pen and Paper
Optional: wireless headphones
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"Combat Procrastination" Online Course Description

Explore the reasons behind putting tasks off, missing deadlines, or leaving work to the eleventh hour. Don’t let necessary projects get the best of you anymore, overcome the feeling of dragging your feet in Combat Procrastination.

While a lack of motivation can strike anyone, consistent avoidance is a sign that change can be your friend. In this class you’ll combine written exercises with self-exploration to discover the causes of your procrastination and seek solutions to a universal struggle. Rethink the ways in which you put off work and why. Is this something you do consistently, daily, maybe? Do you procrastinate on all tasks, or is it something specifically that you dread? As you break down your own habits, you’ll start to understand your motives (or non-motives). Through shared advice and experiences you’ll practice unlabeling yourself as a procrastinator and practicing kindness. It can be that the work you do is uninspirational, that expectations are unclear, or even that you have perfectionist tendencies. Discover tools or small, actionable steps you can take to deconstruct the task list. In Combat Procrastination, enjoy support and time to ask questions as you break down blockers, and discover more productive methods for your way of working.

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