Chest, Back & Arms

Ideal for Advanced
Duration 15 MIN each
Increase upper body strength to reduce anxiety and improve posture
Reduce chest tightness
Build muscles
Improve posture
What to expect
Yoga mat
optional: wireless headphones
What you need


Hold your head up high with a class that returns vitality to the upper body muscles. Chest, Back & Arms can offset long periods of time spent hunched over a desk, or lazy days that (may) have turned into lazy weeks. By opening the chest and building better muscle control, you can see a reduction in feelings of anxiety, tiredness, or body weakness. In Chest, Back, & Arms you can expect a range of push-up styles, arm rotations, and back-strengthening exercises, such as Superman. With special attention paid to stretching the chest muscles, you can prevent shortening and chest tightness. Breathe a sigh of relief after an intensive workout that will help you feel stronger and lift more than just spirits.

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