Cardio Dance Fitness

Ideal for All
Duration 15 MIN each
Cardio Dance Fitness Online Course
Move to the beat and burn some serious calories through cardio dance
Sweat through stress
Improve coordination & have fun
High calorie burn
What to expect
Headphones or Speakers
Be ready to dance!
What you need

"Cardio Dance Fitness" Online Course Description

Sweat out the stress and have fun doing it in Cardio Dance Fitness! Combine your love of dance with the health benefits of heavy cardio and move along with your coach in this upbeat workout.

Practice your choreography and model moves like jumping jacks, butt kicks, skater runs, and more. Keep your heart rate up and your body on tempo in this high energy mood lifter. Lower stress, clear your mind, and feed your soul with a calorie burning dance workout you’ll love. Over time you’ll increase strength and improve coordination, encouraging fat burning and better muscle tone. Get some pent up energy out in this fun and dynamic dance class built for anyone in need. Throw on your best workout gear and pick up the phone, the dance floor is calling!

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