Beginner Calisthenics

Ideal for Beginners
Duration 20 MIN each
Beginner Calisthenics Online Course
Improve full body control, muscular endurance & learn basic gymnastics
Activate complex muscle groups
Learn basic full body lifts
Build muscle
What to expect
Stable chair
Stable table
Blocks and pillows
Optional: wireless headphones
What you need

"Beginner Calisthenics" Online Course Description

Ready yourself for peak physical challenge in the beginner’s entry to urban sport, Calisthenics. Get off the ground in this 15-minute conditioning class best for athletes in need of something to round out their regimen.

Begin your session with animal moves, stretching, and muscle-warming exercises. Prepare the body for full lifts with deep squats, push-up variations, and basic floor gymnastics movements. You’ll need all the strength you can get, as your coach motivates you skyward, moving in sync with the class. Train alongside experts there to ensure safe form and education about the sport. Feel a strong sense of accomplishment when you push your body to new feats. Over time your body will strengthen, allowing for greater range of motion, muscle control, and balance. Impress yourself over time, with conditioning that allows you to build on stunts as you strengthen back, shoulder, and core muscles. Break a sweat, get a rush, and experience a very real lift in Beginner Calisthenics.

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