Bedtime Meditation

Ideal for Intermediate
Duration 15 MIN each
Soundlessly drift off to sleep with this guided meditation
Boost quality of sleep
Release day's tension
Declutter your mind
What to expect
optional: wireless headphones
What you need


If you have difficulty quieting thoughts before bed or settling into the deep comfort needed for sleep, Bedtime Meditation can help. Curl into bed and breathe out the pressures of the day, as you’re softly led toward a deep sleep with a clear mind. Sleep is a crucial function for your health and well-being. To truly refresh, your body needs quality sleep, not just a long sleep. Backed by classic techniques, Bedtime Meditation follows Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR) exercises. In this class you’ll be given the tools to practice gratitude, emotionally re-center, and quiet the mind before bed. The call even ends itself with your coach’s voice guiding you to fall asleep faster, for an improved quality of sleep. You’ll rest easy knowing you’re forming the building blocks for more restful nights.

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