Art of Presenting

Ideal for All
Duration 15 MIN each
Art of Presenting Online Course
Grow your public speaking confidence & wow your audience on the big day
Prepare for an upcoming presentation
Learn to be more compelling
Boost speaking skills
What to expect
Optional: wireless headphones
Pen and Paper
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"Art of Presenting" Online Course Description

Weak knees, sweaty palms, or a lump in your throat might come to mind when you think of presenting. If you have an upcoming presentation –nervous or not– Art of Presenting provides expertise so you’re at your most compelling when your turn to speak comes.

Grow your public speaking confidence through tips, tricks, and real case examples provided by your coach. Explore what makes a presentation successful like: effectively encouraging engagement, practicing ahead of time, and ending punctually. Take advantage of the live class to get answers in the question round and build the best plan for your pitch, performance, or presentation. In the focus time of the class, you’ll sit with your thoughts and let your coach’s words influence your preparation. Think on what you can do to ensure success, and reflect on your class learnings to build a plan you can be confident in. Have your questions answered in a devoted Q&A with the group and your coach. Leave your session with new ideas and a briefcase full of assurance that you’re well prepared.

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