Anger Relief Meditation

Ideal for Intermediate
Duration of the class: 15 minutes
Anger Relief Meditation Online Course

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"Anger Relief Meditation" Online Course Description

Resenting your boss for not giving you that promotion? Annoyed at the elderly person at the front of the line not getting her/his wallet out quickly enough?

Anger, rage, frustration and resentment, these are all totally normal emotions to feel, but they do cost you a lot of energy, whether you live out your emotions or try to push them down. In an "Anger Management" session your coach begins with a live video giving you a short introduction and background to the concept of the session. During the actual exercise, together with your coach's verbal support, you are guided on how to allow yourself to feel your emotions to the fullest and are enabled to identify the source. Why are you actually angry at your boss or colleague? In the next step, you learn how to let go and transform your anger energy. With regular practise you become enabled to "keep a cool head", stay productive and choose how to respond to more or less anger trigging circumstances.
Notice triggers
Improve relationships
Release negative emotions
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