65+ Fitness

Ideal for Intermediate
Duration 30 MIN each
65+ Fitness Online Course
Age with grace by staying active and healthy with light exercise
Keep mentally & physically fit
Improve balance & flexibility
Boost heart health & strength
What to expect
Optional: wireless headphones
optional: Tripod
What you need

"65+ Fitness" Online Course Description

Spice up the silver years and stay fit with light daily exercise in this specially-catered class, 65+ Fitness. As people age, it becomes even more important to stay fit and active for easier movement and better heart health.

In 65+ Fitness you’ll be guided by your live coach through a series of simple exercises made to strengthen muscles, improve balance, and boost energy levels. Full body stretching, chair squats and hamstring curls are just some of the exercises you might try in your class. Follow along to rejuvenate your body and return confidence in your capability and balance. 65+ Fitness is the perfect first step to reintegrate exercise into your weekly routine for a more balanced everyday life. You can also take advantage of the live nature of the class, to ask questions or tell the coach about areas to target or avoid as you exercise. Reclaim the golden years and find out just how much your body can do in 65+ Fitness.

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