30min Pilates

Ideal for Intermediate
Duration 30 MIN each
Enhance core muscles in this endurance-building full body workout
Build basic stamina
Strengthen your whole body
Improve your body awareness
What to expect
optional: wireless headphones
Yoga mat
Bottle of water
What you need


Light up your core muscles and tone your legs, glutes, and back with this extended 30-minute Pilates conditioning. Push through the heat and get direct results from this high-intensity burn. Allow yourself to be guided through a number of interval exercises that are carefully crafted to build muscle and improve balance. Increase your range of motion through targeted stretches and strengthening exercises, such as Side Stretches and Teasers. Fill out the class with a number of stretches and oblique muscle holds like Air Bicycles, Criss Cross, Side Lifts, and Breast Strokes. As you move through the class, boost your endurance for more efficient breathing and more effective cardio. Far from a beginner’s class, Pilates Extended is a workout that demands commitment from its attendants. Are you ready to strengthen your entire body?

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