30min Beginner Yoga Flow

Ideal for Intermediate
Duration 30 MIN each
Align breath and gentle movement for a physical and meditative practice
Improve focus
Build strength
Learn to move with precision
What to expect
Yoga mat
Bottle of water
optional: wireless headphones
What you need


Quiet the body and focus the mind in this lengthier Yoga Flow class, ideal for beginners. Take a half-hour to yourself and allow the serenity of yoga to help you get back in touch with your body. In this class, you’ll extend your practice through a full session of traditional yoga flow movements. By staying in constant, gentle movement, you build strength and stamina by connecting your breath and your movement. Improved flexibility, a greater sense of calm, and strength building are all new changes you can start to feel when you consistently practice. Whether you’re new to yoga or a yogi looking for gentle flows, you’ll have expert guidance in this live session. Improve balance through poses, boost concentration through dynamic movements, and align breathing and movement in 30 min Beginner Yoga Flow. You’re closer to reaching balance than you think, and yoga flow movements can help.

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